Magnolia Run Farm

All year, even through that ridiculous winter we just had, Susan and I have had a weekly horseback riding lesson at a rescue/training farm not far from UConn named Magnolia Run Farm. Susan is a good rider with experience and I am an enthusiastic and currently saddle-sore-free beginner. Progress!  Naturally, there are a couple horses […]

From the start.

Twenty-nine years ago we bought this gigantic house, and moved our boxes of college-kid belongings into the living room.  Susan instructed me to begin the repairs with the pantry.  This was good, because I had no idea where to start, and the pantry is our smallest space.  From there, we moved on to the bedrooms […]

Late Winter…

It is a beautiful, sunny day here.  The snow had leveled the backyard to the height of the stone table we have out by the pond, with the pond and its five, finned inhabitants completely buried.  The temperature has dropped again, from the Sochi-like warmth of the weekend, which compressed the snow a little and […]


We had a short get-away over Thanksgiving!  Our first holiday away from the inn in 29 years.  Susan’s family  all  gathered at her mom’s house on Nantucket–another first.  I did the “Cold Turkey Plunge” at Children’s Beach.  An hour of standing around in the cold, sixty seconds in the water.  I noticed they had a […]


This year the Friends of Tolland Library are hosting the annual Festival of Trees, a fund-raiser where table-top Christmas trees are auctioned.  We do one every year and try to come up with something different each time.This year’s is a music box made of antique chestnut wood from the walls of the inn:

Veteran’s Day

The asoociation PAII ran a nice program on their site for B&Bs to offer rooms to Vets on November 11.  Though we aren’t members, we signed on and were very pleased with the experience.  There are way more veterans out there than rooms in the whole nation, and long after our rooms were filled the […]


Still working on the new web site! It has been a fascinating, frustrating experience. Little by little it is coming together. With all the attention to detail, I worry that the over-all effect isn’t as appealing as I’d like. I suppose that is what actual web designers do(!) The nice thing about this site is […]

Back from Maine.

Spent four nights (!) away from the inn at Cape Neddick, Maine with friends.  The air was in the eighties, the Atlantic was in the fifties.  Beth ran the inn for us and did a great job as usual(!)  No lightning strikes this time.


The summer of the sink continues! Here’s a glimpse into the glamorous world of innkeeping.  I decided to up-grade the sinks here, some of which were picked up on the side of the road twenty-eight years ago as we started all this.  So… (isn’t this exciting?) new commercial sink in the kitchen; Rm 1-new sink […]