The Nantucket Suite

Nantucket island is Susan’s birthplace and childhood home where her mother restored and ran Eighteen Gardner Street guest house and her grandmother was the keeper of Haddon Hall guest house.  This suite is one of our favorites and has seen several improvements, updates and enhancements through our years here.  It is made of three of the 1900 addition’s bedrooms, toward the rear of the house.  This is the one with the “hidden” door to the hot tub room.  (We just didn’t want another painted door in the room.)  Steve’s island steamer postcard collection and Nantucket art hang on the walls. Mahogany Queen bed, full private bath, hot tub, LCD CATV, A/C, WiFi.

{Steve’s work: Bed, end-shelves, pierced tin reading lights, wall sconces, feather-boards for fireplace surround, large frame/Nantucket chart, painting (1).}

  • Two guests max:
  • Weekend Special when available: $338.00
  • Weeknight: $169.00
  • Friday/Saturday/Holiday: $209.00
  • Plus 11% tax